Westminster Gulf

Whether temporary works scaffolding is needed for industrial construction such as refineries, smelters, pulp mills, commercial office building, residential, retail or other types of real estate development projects, Westminster Gulf has a proven track record of tackling complex projects and finding cost effective safe Solutions for its clients. The company has even designed and provided temporary concert stages in most of the middle eastern locations and provided raked seating stands for over 4,000 people. Westminster Gulf has never nor will sacrifice safety to lower costs on its projects. With its extensive stock of materials at Airmech's Bahrain, Westminster Gulf can service contracts of any size carrying out all of its site activities using a competent workforce and CITB registered inspectors, in compliance with BS 1139, BS 5973 and BS 2482.

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P.O. Box 31238
Diraz, Kingdom of Bahrain
Telephone: +973 17 770 738
Fax: +973 17 779 358
e-mail: info@wgbahrain.com