Airmech Maintenance division, which is formed to cater for the increasing demand for skillfull personal in the field of maintenance of all control, fire protection and dedection, plumbing, drainage, electrical, HVAC and building management systems for Corporate Clients.

The Major Services provided by Maintenance divisions are

Preventive Maintenance : Includes cleaning chillers, condensers, replacement and calibration of control devices.

Maintenance Contract is strongly recommended on periodic basis ( Annualy, Quarterly or Monthly). This provides regular maintenance of installations by Airmech Specialists to ensure that any malfunction is detected and corrected in ample time to minimize the possibility of serious damage occurrence and it reduces the breakdown cost and ensures maximum operating life of equipment.

Duct and Tube Cleaning : Duct and tube cleaning is one of the fields mastered by Airmech’s specialized technicians who are fully trained to clean ventilation systems as per the environment protection agency (EPA) using the state of art robot camera. Regular duct cleaning using Airmech sophisticated equipment will inevitably, improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and eliminate Sick Building Syndromes (SBS) as well as Building Related Illness (BRI).

As a matter of fact, as many as half of all illnesses are either caused or aggravated by indoor air pollution. Indoor air can be 30 to 100 times more polluted than outdoor air.

Equipment Overhauling :  Carrying our major overhauls for reciprocating and centrifugal compressors, chillers and other equipment, as per manufacturers recommendations and specifications, is one of the basic practices performed by our team.

Fire Alarm & Controls :  Our staff holds H.V. Licenses from the Bahrain Government, which together with their grade “A” Electrical Contractor’s certificate, enables Airmech electricians to handle repairs and maintenance on switchgear and equipment up to 11KVA. Building Management Systems, Controls and Fire Fighting Equipment such as dry and wet risers in office blocks, together with sprinkler systems, hose reels, and fire alarm systems are all maintained in banks and institutions.